Nitriding Potential Module

Nitriding Potential Module OffLine ECS-NKZ

For fast determination of process parameters

Nitrierkennzahlmodul Offline ECS-NKZ
Nitriding Potential Module Features

According to the desired type of treatment and process data input, the module calculates code numbers such as nitriding potential Kn, Ko etc., the expected layer structure is graphically represented in a diagram (Lehrer/Kunze) and the operating point is faded in. This operating point can be purposefully affected, optimal parameters can be determined by a change of process data.

The calculated potentials and probe signals (Q and H2) can be connected to a program controller for the control of heat treatment processes.

Setting the optimal treatment conditions enables a targeted activation of part surfaces as well as an optimization of gas and energy consumption.

Reproducible results and economical gas and energy consumption as well as the graphic representation of the expected layer composition, embody the advantages of the nitriding potential control.

Technical Data

Overview of the functional characteristics:

  • Type of treatment selection
  • Selection and/or input of process data such as Kn, temperature, fresh gas quantities with plausibility check
  • Display of the calculation results (classification numbers, probe signals Q and H2)
  • Graphic representation of the expected layer compositions in component after nitriding
  • Depending on the nitriding procedure the expected working point is graphically represented in the corresponding diagram (Lehrer-/Kunze diagram)
  • Option of combining nitriding procedures (X nitriding)



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Nitrierkennzahlmodul Offline ECS-NKZ